So for the past week i havent been feeling that well, i am talking about tired like sleeping 11 hours a day, havent been eating much since when i do i feel queasy. And today is the 3rd day in a row that my boobs hurt like a son of gun. Then today i feel kind of crampy like pressure in my lower abdomen. So i am concern that i may be pregnant, and i have mirena that is perfectly positioned. But here is the kicker i have also been struggling with pelvic pain for the past 9 months off and on. So i guess i am just worried that i am pregnant and right now is not the time for a new baby. I do have a test that i intend to take in the morning when i wake up. I am just needing some support since my husband is away right now and i dont want to worry him until i know for sure......

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My husband and I have two little girls. I work as residential instructor for adults with developmental and mental disabilities. I love music as do my girls. I have been through a lot in my life making wiser than my age would let on.