Babies in the MORNING!

So ladies.. I have heard that it's like no other heart melting factor.. when you get to greet your little baby in the mornings.. (when they are happy and well rested) and they love seeing you there.. is this... TRUE!? :)​

    YES!!! Even for a morning grump like myself... You hear the baby, it's dark out still.. you've slept very little and you stumble in to them... sort of disconnected from the world and ready to just sort of do your business with ..well their business... and then you see them... and the smile that comes from them... or even if they're not smiling yet... their little bed head and sleepy eyes and skin so pink and everything you were worried about, everything you were grumpy about vanishes... and the flood of warmth and love that overwhelms you is amazing...
    There are mornings that they wake up crying too and you might cry as well... BUT.. these mornings.. make everything better...
    Still.. my kids are 6 and 9 and still MOST of the time they wake up happy and refreshed and seeing them... always makes me feel content and pleased...

    This is the good stuff...
      8Theresa Gould

      I still love it when I hear "Mama" or "Good morning mommy" unless of course I just went to sleep after getting home from the paper route...then I might not be so happy, depending. lol!
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