Am I pregnant?

Hi my fiance and I have been trying for some time now to conceive. This month according to my period tracker I am 5 days late, cramps come and go, very tender breasts mostly nipples to the point where I can barely touch them and lower back pains that run down my thighs. But then again I just starated a new job so idk ... opinions?

    Seiconies Wilson
    It's possible you are preggo, wait til a couple more days to take a test! Let us know if there is baby dust!
      I took a test today and negative. I'll wait a couple more days and take another
        Took another test today 7 days late no spotting getting a bit nauseous but then again everyone at my job is sick test came out negative. I'll wait another week.
        Seiconies Wilson
        I'm feeling the same way except for the fact AF showed up 2 days early and I have the same pad on since 2:00 pm and it's really not filling up and I'm cramping pretty bad too! I've even had dreams a lot lately that I'm pregnant... My lower back hurts, my side hurts and I've been feeling some pain shooting through my right breast so maybe we can help each other out! Can you tell me what's going on with me?
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