Do I need to go to a pregnancy clinic?

Hi, my name's Amber. I'm a little anxious right now so bare with me.
I took four pregnancy tests yesterday, two which were digital and two which were cheap off brand ones. They all four came back with positive results.
It's been a week and a half since I should have started my period (27-28th of last month was my start date).
The only thing really that I have noticed in physical changes is that my breasts hurt at the lightest touch, headaches, a little nausea (no actual sickness) and I've been feeling light headed and really tired for a minute now, about a good month.
I just want to know that if I need to really go see someone or if I'm just over reacting and they could be false positives?

    Seiconies Wilson
    No you need to go to a clinic but they normally say wait til you are 8 weeks along before you go to your first appointment! I hope that helps
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