..little romantic things!

So ladies.. wives.. girlfriends.. I am curious as to what LITTLE, every day things you and your significant other ever do for one another to keep that lil spark a flickering.. can never do too much, right?

Me? I leave little notes from time to time for my husband, so when he wakes up, is tired and doesn't want to head off to work.. he sees me write how much I appreciate him, his hard work, love him.. and just sweet things that he means to me :)

Him? I am blessed with a super romantic hubby.. it can be something as small as him texting me lyrics from a song he knows I love.. or writing back on those little notes in the morning so when I wake up it's reciprocated :)

We also say "I Love You" a TON.. sometimes I think it has to be more than the average couple.. but to us, it doesn't lose it's meaning.

Do you all verbally say "I Love You" often? daily?

What small things do you do to keep each other high on the priority list?​

    I have a great hubby. He's not super romantic but we tell each other a million times a day how much we love each other and what we mean to each other. Sometimes I wouldn't be able to get through the day without hearing those words. I'm a very lucky women he's sweet and kind he's always there for me and he's my bestfriend. Him and my girls are my whole world and I wouldn't have it any other way :)
    You too. We are some lucky gals ;)
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