Video Moments?

Mamas.. I know we ALL love pictures of our babies... some even use Instagram often.. I know I do.. but do you also take loads of short/small videos? I have started trying to do this on family vacas.. special moments.. just because looking back watching a video can bring a picture even MORE to life.. Lord knows years from now they will mean so much!​

Oh I love that you do that! I'm not sure why I forget to take them more often.. but I have started to make a conscious effort to do so! Heck.. we were at the beach a few months ago.. and I simply took one of just the waves crashing in.. sure comes in handy now that SNOW is here! I will definitely do ones like you do.. like even coming home from the hospital.. leaving.. eek, I am excited!
    I do all the time. When ever my kids are doing something cute or funny. I have one of my youngest daughter laying one the floor and I'm biting her feet and she's just laughing like crazy she was about 5 months old. And I have videos of them both running around dancing and singing to music videos and they were barly walking and talking :). They are a great way to remember
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      We do especially on birthdays and funny things the kids do, they actually take videos of themselves doing goofy stuff which is priceless - I don't keep all of them though.
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