in need of prayers please

So we found out at 17 weeks 6 days that we are having a little girl <3 James has even named her Rosie <3. In the same appointment however, the ultra sound tech confirmed what my doctor thought a few weeks ago. My daughter's heart and lungs are amazingly strong, but she only has like 10 percent of her brain. In an ultra sound all that could be seen was the brain stem, the rest of her brain was dark with fluid. My doctor gave my husband and I two options on how to proceed and both are upsetting. Why can one pregnancy be totally fine and the next not? My doctor tested me for everything and nothing popped up as to why my little girl is struggling. My doctor suggested either terminating my pregnancy before 24 weeks, or continuing my pregnancy and hope to have a short while (a few minutes maybe an hour) after delivery to say our good byes. We have been trying for the past 2 years to have another child, and now we won't be able to raise her. We need all the prayers we can get.

    Stay strong!
    It's hard, but thank you
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      Thank you. My doctor is pretty much scrambling for reasons why this is happening. I can't stop thinking, what did I do
        Melissa Middleton
        Prayers for you all!!!
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