Spare time?

How much time do you get to yourself, really, as a new parent? Especially if the other is very involved in taking care of baby as well. I know, I am big on gaming so I like an hour or so to myself to be with my friends online. My oldest brother is expecting baby #2 next year, and he said the first year was pretty relaxed, boring even (he is a gamer, too), but then you hear other people like "Oh, you'll never have a moment to yourself again!!" "Everything includes baby!" I understand to a degree, maybe I am underestimating babies? Or overestimating myself.​

    I think the first year is the easiest. My girls are 3 and 4 and I think the toddler years are soooo much harder. Cause then they are smarter and can do things for theirselves if they want something. For example I keep our tooth brushes on the top ledge of our medicine cabnet and caught them both trying to climb up there cause they wanted brush their teeth. You just have to watch toddlers 24/7 until they really learn and know what they are and aren't suppose to do. I sure hope it gets easier. :) lol
      8Theresa Gould
      I think it depends on the baby and his or her level of need. Some babies are content to lay on a blanket looking around while mom does stuff, others want and need more cuddling time. I learned to nurse and type one handed...not fast mind you...maybe you can learn to game one handed? ;)
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