Pampering my pregnant sister.

Hey again. So, my sister is 8 months pregnant and I'm going to see her again, before her delivery time. I just want to pamper her with lots of love and all I can do, cause, I'll be moving off soon and I don't think I'll be there during her delivery. Yes, I know it's bad. I won't be able to be there with her, nor will I be able to see her baby first. And that's why, I want to spend a wonderful time with her before that and give her lots of gifts to cheer her up. I've been window shopping for her and I found these really pretty diamond earrings.… You think I should get these for her? I really don't care about the cost as long as she loves it. My sis has always been an admirer of simple and beautiful things and I think these earrings are just like that. What are your opinions on it? Plus, I wanted to get something for the baby too. What do I get? Need all your suggestions on it.

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