My ex is dating and it's getting serious

Hi everyone, I would like some advice. My ex and I have been a bumpy road when it comes to raising our daughter. I've been the only person taken care of her financially and physically for the past 7 years. Recently her father has stepped up. He helps when I ask. On October 8 my daughter made 8 years old and he told us he's dating and it's getting serious.
Should I now make our co parenting more consistent as far as the amount of help that I should get financially and the amount of time that my daughter should have with him?Should I stop over thinking things? He is finally being the dad that my daughter deserves and I just don't want things to change.

Over thinking mom.....

    If he is finally being a dad, I wouldn't mess with the relationship unless you feel there's a reason to worry about your daughter's well being with him.
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