I am a little sad!!!

Tomorrow October 12th 2016 is my grandpas birthday he will be 69. I would like to call him an wish him a happy birthday and have cake and ice cream to celebrate his birthday with will. Unfortunately Will not be able to seeing how his passed away May 4th 2013. October 12 and May 4th are the two hardests days of my family. Mainly because my grandpa raised me since i was 2 months old. I sucks that he can't hold his great granddaughter Ashley or watch her grow up like he did me.
This way so weird but when i got pregnant with Ashley. My grandpa came to me in a dream i had one night a month after he passed away and told me that i was pregnant!. That was the first time i had found i was pregnant. Two weeks after that dream i had went to the OBGYN just to see if my grandpa was right and that the dream i had wasn't crazy. So i went into the OBGYN they did an ultrasound and i was 100% pregnant. My grandpa new before I knew.

I am a little sad!!!
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