Confused spotting but it's not time for AF

Last Af was October 11th and next af should be November 9th and I ovulated on the 26th I have a 29 day cycle and when I count the days past ovulation today I am 9dpo which is the time you will have Implantation bleeding and I have light cramping I'll get a test and see what's going on and I'm just getting over a cold I had but every time I go to the bathroom I still see bleed but it's not a lot hopefully tomorrow it'll go away I'm so confused has this happen to anyone should I call my dr?

    it is possible that u are in the early stages of pregnancy....though i had spotting in my first pregnancy, it didnt happen until i was about 2 months pregnant....but u should wait a couple more weeks before taking a test and if the bleeding persists then yes call ur doctor
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