Ladies I need advice.

For the last few days my husband has done nothing but fight with me over everything. I'm not sure what I should do, because I am at my breaking point. I'm not sure how much more I can take. The last time he hit me was around November or December 2011, and he has been threatening to hit me again. He has always been emotionally abusive to me. What he likes to do is call me names like Ugly, Fat, Grandma, etc and all in spanish. Plus to make matters worse I am making his papers so that he is legal here, and I have been under a lot of stress, because of the Immigration process and everything and then he has to go add to the stress that I already have by fighting with me. He fights with me because the house is a mess when he comes home; it's like what do u expect when u have young children. He fights with me, because I have friends from back home in Washington State that I talk to that he doesn't even know and he gets jealous of all my friends who are guys. I have a few of my guy friends who were my foster brothers growing up that I talk to. I also have several friends in common with my brother Zach, and they treat me like I'm there little sister. He goes through my facebook messages, he goes through my call list, he goes through my text messages. I'm just tired of being controlled, manipulated, and everything else by him but I dont know how to end it cause the first time he hit me in April 2011, I left but he begged me to come back home and that he would change for the better. Well, he lied he hasn't changed for the better, in fact, he has gotten worse. He won't let me work; the last time I worked was April 2013 and that was for 6 weeks cause the job was a temp job. And right now that I'm making his papers, the lawyer doesn't want me working, but I feel as though I should work, because I need a way to support me and my girls, cause I don't want to have to depend on financial aid from the state.

What do u ladies think I should do?

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    Yes I agree with that make sure you have all your papers that you will safe
      My opinion is all he wants is legal papers and he's using you listen closely to your gut feelings they are never wrong....prayers for the best for you
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