Sleep training advice?

My 8 month old is THE WORST sleeper. I thought I was making progress but it seems like we're back to a consistent pattern of her waking up every 2 hours. I breastfeed her exclusively (she won't take a bottle or a pacifier, despite my numerous attempts). I can nurse her back to sleep pretty quickly - the whole process takes 8 minutes tops - but the constant waking up is driving me mad. I'm not really into the whole Cry-It-Out method, although I will admit I've tried it here and there (although I am aware that it needs to be a full-on commitment in order to potentially work, and I don't have that in me).

She is able to go to sleep on her own initially at night. We have a pretty good bedtime routine - bath, pjs, books, song, put her in bed, play mobile, kiss good night and she usually falls asleep within a few minutes. But then she's back up a few hours later and it continues until the morning.

We've started solids, obviously, so I'm wondering if something is upsetting her stomach? But then wouldn't there be other symptoms?

I'm just so tired and so frustrated. I've found The Baby Sleep Site, but their plans seems so expensive (and I've read some unsuccessful reviews so I'm reluctant to purchase one) and I'm sure a sleep consultant is even more money.

Any tips, help, advice would be greatly appreciated!!! PLEASE!

    Hi mama.
    Sorry to hear you are suffering. Don't know if you found any advise yet, but maybe some additional input can help. ;)
    So from what I read is simply two things.
    She is either hungry(they digest breast milk pretty fast) or got use to the wake up routine(babies to a certain age do simply live by habit).
    So what you can try is get her full by her last feeding.
    My question is...does she not take the bottle with breast milk or did you try it with formula? And when did yo try it the 1st time? Sometimes when you introduce it to them too late they refuse it.
    Otherwise what else you can try is give her a good portion baby cereal/oatmeal made with your breast milk and see if that can keep her asleep at night longer.
    Good luck and let me know if it works. :)