So far I am 2 days late on my period. I am making diaper liners for the cloth diapers we are going to be using when we get pregnant. I have already made 2 baby boy blankets and 1 baby girl blanket I am working on 2 other baby girl blankets right now. I'll be making the baby wash cloths as well. We have also been planning on making the wipes instead of buying wipes. Using natural soap to make the wipes, natural cleaners around the house and homemade laundry soap which we already transitioned to because of my sensitive skin. We are planning on getting all used clothes for the baby once we get pregnant with maybe an exception of the coming home outfit or special occasions. I will post photos of the diaper liners I've made and the blankets as soon as I can get photos of them. Baby Dust to everyone in need of it:)

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I'm 20 years old.My husband Dexter and I are expexting a baby boy. Dexter is in the military. We have decided to breastfeed and use cloth diapers to save money.
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