Could gender be wrong

I had an ultrasound yesterday. We told the tech we didn't want to know the gender but have her write it down for us. During the initial ultrasound she passed the privates a couple times barely glancing. Both hubby and I where able to see the genitals we both saw boy, but she wrote down girl. My question is how accurate does everyone think she was?

    The umbilical cord wasn't in the way lol. Baby was playing with it. We saw that clearly.
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      Remembering 35 years ago when I had an ultrasound ,it was new back then ,told I was going to have a girl . When I packed for the hospital ,all girl clothes ,pink frills and ruffles ,I was so excited I was going to have a girl!!. I had a beautiful BOY!!! I was going to bring him home in pink LOL until my sister brought blue outfits to me !! I didn't even have a boys name picked out!! Today he is a wonderful son , loving husband and father of 2 handsome sons . Congrats to the happy couple you are going to have a beautiful healthy baby to love!!
        Thank you. My mom has a similar story. Except I was supposed to be her little boy, day I was not. The dr looked at her and said congratulations it's a health girl. My mom went crazy lol she didn't have anything girly. :)
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