Mommy's who have had 2 c sections how did your doctor take to the fact that you wanted to try for a vbac? My first was an emergency as she got stuck on my cervix, my 2nd was elective. I'm wanting to try a vbac but my doctor is against them. Stating that he will not do a vbac because it's much more risky. I've been researching, And the more c sections I have the less likely I can try for a vbac, but that's with 2 or more. If my body labors and dilates on its own I have a batter chance to try. My bodyhas no issues laboring or dialing at all. I don't know how to convince him I do not want another c section as my body can't take the stress, especially with 2 toddlers I have to chase around....any help would be appreciated

    He's the only doctor around here that takes Medicaid. So I'm stuck with him. I don't know why he's so against them. From what I've been reading they are much safer than repeat cesareans
      4Peggy Gorman
      My oldest child was natural ,my second was an emergency c- section ,my third child was elective and my forth child I tried for a VBAC . Went into labor but ended up w/ a c-section . It was fine w/ me ,recovery was fast ,I was up and about right away.
      I always tried to make it special for my older children too. Bringing a small gift for each to the hospital w/ me,a gift from their new brother or sister. They felt special ,welcoming the baby. When you get home ,always have them help in small ways ,asking if they can help you by getting a diaper or blanket.(small tasks) They will feel important ,a loving bond will form. Remember .however your child comes into the world ,you get a beautiful baby to hold ,cuddle and love
        Thank you Tabitha. I will have to go find that page on Facebook.
          Peggy, I always involve the siblings. My oldest got a teddy bear and at home she always helped with getting diapers, wipes, blankets. She loves to help. I'm a little more worried about my 1 year old, as she doesn't even like me holding my niece's lol. This time around I think I'm just going to get my girls an outfit each.
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