Ways to make your kids engaged

Hi friends,
I am a working parent. Even though I love my kids a lot I never used to get time to take care of my kids as I was very busy with my works. Now I feel that they are not very attached to me. So now I decided to spend time with them. Recently, I came across an article that speaks about how to get your children involved with helping during home cleanings (http://www.redbins.ca/get-children-involved-helpi…). I found it to be a very interesting article. The article says that cleaning doesn’t have to be mom and dad’s job. You can get your kids involved with the cleaning process so that you’re not going at it alone. Have a cleaning contest with your kids. Give each child an area of a room and see who can clean it up the fastest. It can make your kids do the task with great interest. Do you have any other ideas to make your kids engaged and spend time with them?
Thanks in advance.

    Seiconies Wilson
    In the mornings that I'm home with my 3 yr. old daughter, she likes to help me with breakfast! She gets the eggs, milk and whisk and she whips up the eggs for me to scramble so that everything doesn't fall on me! I don't ask her to do it she just volunteers to do it.
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