What can I do about my 3yr old

I have about had it with my Son. He is 3yrs old and has me at my whits end with everything. He goes to daycare with his sisters and the past week or so he has acted out horribly and I can't figure out why. He tells me he was bad but continues to do what he's doing. He has been sent home from the daycare 3 times this week.

He will run out of class and laughs Maniacally about it and thinks its a game. When taken to the office he will scream and run around and try and unplug things, he has to be pinned down to even get him to settle down. You take away something he screams and goes about his way. You swat him, scold him, provide a consequence he thinks its funny and wont stop. I don't know what do do with him. He's going to get himself kicked out and I'll have to drag my girls with him cause I can't have 2 different day cares. This is all new he has never been this bad before. He has a reward system and its not working anymore. What else can I do!?

Danielle HernandezSalt Lake City, Utah
    Hello, Danielle,

    The terrible 2 and 3 yr old are real, i had always doubted it until i saw for my self. I would try taken away his toys and have a time out chair. That is something i did with Son, and every time he got up i sat him bk and added more time. We also, did if he didn't listen we started throwing his toys in the trash while he watched us do it. And, explain to him " that only good boys get toys and treats ". You can't give in to tantrums, cause they are trying to push your buttons.
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