Extreme tooth pain, any advice?

Hi all, I'm 15 weeks pregnant and in need of a root canal process or tooth pulled. She said that it's very important to get it done when I'm pregnant as the infected gums can be harmful to me as well as my baby. But what worries me most is the safety of the numbing medications the dentist might use during the procedure. The only thing that is helping me is a soft tooth brush which I brush about 3-4 times a day. It gives me relief from the pain to some extent. I have been taking pain killers thinking that I could deal with the pain. But last two nights the pain was just too bad that I didn’t get good sleep because of the pain. The pain was not subsiding at all and it was so awful. I’m scheduled to get the root canal therapy from Mississauga( http://www.parkerhilldental.com/our-services/root… ). Has anyone else experienced tooth pain through your pregnancy? Did you find a way to help it? I’m terrified whether root canal is safe during pregnancy.

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