what should i do??? I have a trip coming up should i go or not

Well my family has been planning this trip for a while we have saved money to go but now my husband has been pushing my buttons on the trip saying I cant spend money that I have saved up and that I am not allowed to go anywhere not even thift stores. We will be staying at his familys house for a week and 2 days but he just told me that we wont be going out so many times only like 2 days to indianapolis and thats it the rest of the time we will be stuck at their house with 2 kids. THAT IS NO FUN. VACATION SHOULD BE ABOUT HAVING FUN AND GETTING OUT OF DAILY ROUTINE. at home we dont go out to movies, zoos or out to eat. He is so indecisive. but he wants his way also the drive is a 24 hour drive with two toddlers a 2 yr old and almost a 4 year old. he wants to leave at 5 a.m. and he has allowed me to pack to bags and no more/.I THINK ITS CRAZY HE DOESNT WANT TO STOP AT ANY HOTELS TO SLEEP ONLY REST AREAS

    4Ronna Jones
    I think Rest Areas are dangerous! I would have a sit down and have a heart to heart with him and tell him your feelings.
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