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My daughter is 19 months , Ive had alot of problems with her behavior. She is extremely hyper, she is constantly climbing and getting into everything every second of the day. She destroys my house and it seems like there is nothing i can do about it. Ive tried everything, timeouts, spanking, telling her that is bad. Nothing seems to work , I dont know what else to do at this point.

    Instead of punishments, even though I did keep the naughty corner, I made efforts to start giving her more attention and cuddles when she was least expecting it and wasn't seeking attention. Eg: Waking her up with lots of kisses, when she'd be focusing on smtg (toys, food, teeth brushing), I'd suddenly turn it into a game of tickling, hugging, etc. When she'd act badly, I'd go down to her level for eye contact and would tell her it's bad, but never in a angry way (annoyed yes, but not too angry so that she knew I was in control), sometimes naughty corner, sometimes I'd ignore it, waiting for a good behaviour to promote that instead. One thing that helped with my daughter (my son is an angel, but one of my daughters was very challenging and hyperenergetic) that I talk a lot to my kids, all the time and about everything. They tend to imitate me and it's getting easier to know what's going on in their brain. It's not always great, but those tricks helped immensely.
      Spend time with her cleaning your house. Give her a rag and show her how to wipe the baseboards. Let her fold the towels and other laundry. Does she like dolls? Ask her how her dolls are doing and if they need any attention. She may like the big girl feeling and want to help.
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      I am a single mother and i work , my daughter is now a toddler. She is a handful and would love any advise to help.
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