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So my MIL just dropped on us that her family would like us to Fly out to England and visit. This is going to be a wonderful Adventure for My family but I don't even know where to begin with planning. There is 5 of us total and our kids will all be 7 and Younger at the time of Fly out. How to I even start prepping. Its a Sept Trip and the main thing we have to do is just get us all flown over to England and the rest is pretty much taken care of by The family.
What Can Expect or what should I do to prepare for such a flight. We are looking at the Direct flight out of our city and it Typically leaves at 7-8pm local time and we would arrive at about 1pm the next day. That is about all the information I have. My kids normally don't do more than a 2 hour car ride without getting restless and after an hour confined to the same room they are at each others throats. My oldest gets motion sickness so I have those meds to ensure that she isn't miserable the whole flight.
Any of you moms taken a Transatlantic fight with young children....What tips and tricks can you give me?

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    Hiya! My in-laws live in England too. I used to live in Canada, but now in USA and we do that Transatlantic trip about every 18mths. Actually going to England again in 3 weeks with all 3 kiddos, with the baby now 15 months old.
    Basically, what I suggest you is to have 1 carry-on bag with you at all times that should include some papers & crayons, small toys and books (we always have a few Barbies, cars, etc.), a thin blanket, and lots of snacks. Just make sure to bring snacks that are allowed. I take dry cookies, goldfish, cereal bars, and for the little one, lots of food pouch (baby food puree, with a little break so that you don't need spoons). If you have a tablet for the oldest surely useful. The thin blanket can be useful to cover them when they sleep (especially since your youngest might not have her own seat) or/and breastfeeding.

    It gets stressful but the staff on-board and in the airport are always very helpful to young families. I've done it on my own once with a 1 and 3 years old, so 2 adults makes it a lot easier to manage. I'll be happy to help if you have more questions. Best of luck, and most importantly, have a great trip! It's such a great experience for the kids! :-)
    Danielle Hernandez
    Sorry that I haven't responded to this before, But thank you so much for the information! It does give me somewhere to start with it. The past few weeks I have been talking with my Mum in law and she has now moved it up to summer due to her brothers don't want to do it in Sep. So now I am really panicking lol.

    I have 2 tablets that I am able to barrow that are for my children that stay at my parents house. So I am going to have my husband load up a ton of shows on those. At the time of the Flight I will have a 7 ,5 and 3 yearold. -_- I am terrified due to my Son (5) has ADHD and ODD so we will be dragging him through the airports and what not.My kids have never flown in their life so it will be an experience for the books.
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