Saggy tummy and need some emotional support!

Hi. I am very confused and depressed. My husband is acting weird. We were very happy in this relationship in the beginning. I thought that I am the luckiest wife in this whole world. I had everything, like he is financially well settled and handsome. He was also very caring and loving. Now his attitude has changed. He is finding fault and picking up a quarrel for everything. He is comparing me with his colleague who has a perfect figure. He says she has a perfect hourglass figure. My boobs are perfect but I have a saggy tummy. I don’t have the confidence to wear bikinis or tight jeans in public because of it. He asked me to undergo a tummy tuck surgery from a clinic in Barrie(… ). But I am scared to go under the knife. At the same time, I cannot stand his comparison with his colleague. I need to do something about it. Sometimes I have a feeling that my husband is having an extramarital affair with her. I am not sure about it. It is just my intuition. I don’t know. I'm planning to schedule an appointment at a cosmetic surgery centre in Barrie. But before that, I need some support. I cannot discuss these things with my parents and relatives. I am here for some emotional support. Can somebody help?

    Have u tried P90x or T25 workouts before. They work ....he shouldnt compare u to someone else thats not right ur beautiful women. Dont risk ur life for a tummy tuck do a workout instead because it wont change how u feel inside
      Decide and commit to succeed do a fun workout like zumba and u will notice the difference and u will feel great
        I've been doing an exercise for my tummy, and it's really helped. Instead of doing push-ups, just do one but hold it. Start out with 15 or 20 seconds and increase by 5 seconds every other day. Be sure to take a break once a week. It really does help.

        It's really not fair for your husband to compare you to others, but you really can't do anything about it.
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