Pregnancy fear

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Terribly feared about the pregnancy. I don't know how to pass that hour. I know my husband and doctor will be there for support but still, I'm afraid of the situation. Fear encountered me terribly that most night I'm not able to sleep properly. My heart beats fast and woke up amidst the night. Also, I found that my weight has a drop. I'm afraid might my tension and worries affect the child badly. I come across few tips to overcome the fear
1. Talking with your friends or family
2. Training your brain on the how to relax
3. Do yoga
4. Listening to the music
Can I able to overcome the situation with this tips? Does the prenatal yoga(…) help to control the pregnancy fear? Can I get the yoga classes online? Is it worth to do online?

    Well what r u afraid of ?? Labor or having a baby??
      Omg i just realized ur afraid of labor ...look its not so much to be afraid of it just take a deep breath n relax everything will be okay. Good tip is walk walk and more walking it helps with contractions and u deliver faster. I have 2 kids and i remember how afraid n terrified i was for my first child its normal to feel this way. Try to relax and download music to listen while ur waiting for labor to doesnt begin immediately after ur water breaks it a while mine took 24 hrs to get here and my second one took about 2 hrs after my water broke i was at 8 cm dilated so it was quick. If the pain is too intense ask for the epidural it relieves the contraction pain.
        If u can record ur labor thru voice recording app i totally forgot to in my first pregnancy but my second one i did and its awsome i wish i had done it with my first......and stay away from youtube videos of pregnant women having labor pains it just messes with ur mind ....the reality is not that exagurated. Its actually a beautiful experience from the moment u held onto ur little one everything that u have gone thru fades away and u get to meet that little one whose been kicking u thru out the pregnancy n moving about is there to finally meet u. Get some sleep and rest. Try to enjoy going out with ur husband these couple of weeks u have left everything will be all right.
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