Hisband .....frustration with him

I dont know what should i do my husband gets home from work n want to lie there and doesnt help me with the kids ..he sees me struggling with them but doesnt do anything. Im potty training my oldest and little one but they both wanna go at the same time in the same potty. Its frustrating he sees me and nods off like its nothing. Im so tired n stressed need to workout to relieve the stress ASAP.

    I think your case is pretty common. I think a lot of dads feel that after they worked all day, they deserve a break. The last thing they want is to take care of kids. Obviously your kids are young, and little kids thrive on rewards. Have you thought about a rewards chart for their potty training? Let them put a sticker on the chart each time they use the potty. After so many stars, give them something special. Establishing a routine is a huge help when your kids are little, and, believe it or not, kids enjoy chores. Let them fold towels or put their toys on the shelf at the end of the day. Make them your official helpers, and be sure to give them lots of praise. Once a week or so, make a special treat (cookies or something) and let them help. They'll really enjoy feeling like they're helping you. You can't do anything about your hubby, but you have plenty of time to show your children how to help you and keep a peaceful house. It sure beats screaming at your kids!
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