After birth pains, how to cope?

No one really talks about after birth pains when your uterus works at shrinking back down to it's normal size, which takes a few weeks. The doctors and midwives usually want to see it down at least half way by the time you leave the hospital. They check again at your six week appointment. I always winced when they palpitated my uterus after giving birth....oh so tender to be pressed and pushed on!

My after birth pains got really bad after a few children, which is normal considering how much my womb has stretched and shrunk. Most doctors will say Motrin/Advil/Tylenol is ok to take and I did take it sparingly for the first couple of children. Then I discovered Contract Ease. An all natural herbal supplement that worked wonders! It really helped with the pain as I nursed and my uterus contracted, plus I didn't feel guilty or worried about taking a pain med and the affects it would have on my baby.

Just found it on Amazon and see it is suppose to relieve depression too, which I did not know. Interesting. It's actually cheaper at this website by $12:…

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    Intersting. I have not heard about this, and yes it is true your post-birth contractions are worse with each baby.
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