Is 17 too early to undergo cosmetic surgery?

Hi! My daughter is 17 years old. She has planned to pursue her career as a model. One of her dreams is to be a famous actress. Her photoshoot for the portfolio is scheduled for December first week. The only thing that troubles my daughter is her nose. She has a crooked nose and she hates it. She has asked me if she could undergo rhinoplasty surgery to correct her nose. I have denied it back then. Since she had chosen her career, I think it would be better if she undergoes this surgery.
I researched and saw some before and after rhinoplasty pictures from various service providers in our province. I'm happy to see good results. I heard that there are two types of rhinoplasty, open and closed. Which one is right for my daughter? I went through a website and saw the rhinoplasty cost (… ). I don't care about the cost, all I want is my DD to be happy. Will this surgery leave any scars? Is 17 too early to get this surgery? Any advice is highly appreciated. Thanks!!

    There is a type of rhinoplasty that doesn't actually do "surgery" they inject the nose with a solution and mold it as opposed to cutting into her skin. I'm so sorry I cannot for the life of me remember what it is but maybe look into it.
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