Hi, I'm three months pregnant. After my first delivery, I have lost my shape and I have become fat. My old dresses are not fit for me and I bought new ones. I was sad to see my old photographs. I had a perfect figure before my pregnancy. I texted my friend to get some suggestions regarding my problem. She suggested me liposuction from Vaughan (… ). I'm hearing this for the first time. I'm planning to take an appointment at Vaughan. I have heard that undergoing liposuction during pregnancy period would cause ill effects for the baby. Is that true? Also, I have heard that there is more chance for having a huge tummy when undergone liposuction during pregnancy period. Is this statement true? Can anyone share your personal opinion regarding this? It would be a great help for me. Thank you.

    Have you tried going to the gym and going a natural route before under going anything drastic?
      Leah Ashton
      Liposuction while pregnant is definitely bad for the baby. And worse for you. Its not your stomach that gets big. That is your uterus under there. Right now you are all full of hormones and stuff. I would wait until after baby gets here and see how you feel then.
      Try working out or even nurse your baby. I burned off a lot of fat by nursing my babies. That is very drastic especially now.
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