Kids are gooey, sticky and clammy a LOT!

Before I had kids, I've always been around them.. From my nieces to my God kids to just And around 5 ish and up.. I noticed that they started to get sticky... Their hair would be a mess at all times, stains on their shirts, something like ketchup on their cheek... and their hands were always dirty.. I thought.. EEW... No way will this be my kid...

Guess what? Not so much my son, his level is lower but my DAUGHTER... I drop her off at school clean and hair brushed and I pick her up from school and I don't know what went on there, but she is a mess.. Her hair is half out of her pony tail, her knees are black from the black top playground, theres paint or some substance on her sleeves... And of course I love her and mush her with hugs, and then I hold her hand to leave and her hands are sticky and clammy like the icky kids I knew back when... I Know she washes them.. they have to and they're not DIRTY... just clammy and sweaty and gooey...

My son is just a calmer person.. Chills out mostly, rather than runs around with the soccer ball at school and is just more "clean" than she is... A little anal about if if you ask me, but I'm grateful... ​

    Jess, guess your daughter is much more similar to you by character))
    She is active and funny girl - and it's cool for her! Who cares if she doesnt looks like princess if she can climb the trees like a boy?

    I was such a kind of girl in my childhood)) And now I look like a princess (sometime, not right now and... not often... almost never.. but I can).
      8Theresa Gould
      Yep, I agree. As much as I love them through it, my favorite part of the day is smelling them after their baths. My little ones will even come up to me and say, "Smell mama" :)
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