miscarriage or nothing to worry about

so I took 2 tests they came out negative at first but when I loon at them the next day they have a faint positive so I just assume they are negative 4 days after my period is late I take a first response and the line is faint but I can still see it so I decide to wait to take the next one my bf thinks it's positive tho. the minute I get home and walk in the door I throw up so I take the other one to get my sisters opinion she says she thinks it's positive also. two days later have an upset stomach and I only have light pink bleeding when I have a bowel movement I went to the Dr to get blood drawn and then I took a clear blue thinking maybe they were just seeing a light line and it wasn't positive but that one says pregnant and I throw up again last night. I waited for the nurse to call today and they said it's either a really early pregnancy or I'm having a miscarriage but I'm only wearing a liner and only change it 2 times a day and only bleed when using the restroom still. they want me to go again Friday but I'm freaking out. any advise?

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