Brushing your little girls hair! Ech... The HORROR!!!

Ok.. My daughter's hair... is an issue. She has thick hair like her dad, just past her shoulder, but it's wavy and stringy like mine and tangles easily.. PLUS.. she sweats throughout the day... and I canNOT get a brush or comb through it dry in the afternoon... I always over condition her hair in the tub or shower and then not rinse the conditioner out all the way AND use a leave in one and still.. the knots...

I gave up.. First hearing her complain and whine, but it also HURT her and I didn't want to hurt her.. I was as gentle as I could be.. SO, she does it now.. and when I say SHE does it, I mean she gets a strand or two... The battle is on.. There are tears..

I try to choose my battles.. I think.. what's the big deal.. it's clean.. and she does what she can with her 6year old fingers... But then the morning comes and it's time for school and we spray it and I try and she tries and I try to AVOID any out bursts before school BUT I cannot let her go to school with just awful hair.. I don't need it to be perfect.. But.. just not a total Pig Pen mess... I know she will grow out of it.. and we will deal... But I swear, every night and every morning when I grab the brush or ask her to, I have a feeling of dread.. lol...​

    8Theresa Gould
    This post made me think of what recently happened to my 14 year old. We have fly paper strips up in the barn and she milks 2x/day. Well, a couple of weeks ago didn't she get her hair caught in it because the strip was sagging so low?! Ugh. She had long hair to the middle of her back. I tried but I knew there was no hope of getting that sticky mess out of her hair and had to resort to cutting it. Now it's just below her ears in a bob type cut. Oh I know she hated it at first because she kept saying, "It will grow fast though, right, Mommy? My hair grows fast." Like she was trying to reassure herself. All I could do was agree because her hair does grow fast. But I felt so bad for her because she LOVES long hair. Thankfully she has got use to it as far as I can tell.
    8Theresa Gould
    I have not seen that video but I bet it's hilarious! I remember when I went home to see my dad in 2002 with our infant son, my husband stayed home with our three girls and when they picked me up at the airport my heart melted as I saw what they were wearing and how their hair was done, but they had smiles on their faces! ;)
      You could try getting that perfect 10 stuff just a sprays and her hair should be nice and soft and it doesn't leave it greasy... Yes its a little spendy but I know it works wonders... or Swave kids leave in conditioner spray... Green or maybe purple bottle?? and try that... Not sure use conditioner in her hiar when she takes a shower and put it in a braid before bed or a two braids that will should help with the tangledness in the AM... Then brush it out in the morning and either redo the braids or let her hair be down...
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