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I have a friend that is upset because she don't know when she got pregnant and her husband work out of State and she had her Monthly on April 25 or April 26 and she went to the Doctor on May 23 or May 28 to the Doctor and her Doctor told her that she was 5weeks and 3 days Pregnant she don't see how that is because she had Sex with her Husband on May 5-10 of May and her baby is Due Jan 30 2014...Her Husband don't see how she can be Due in Jan 30 he think that she is Due in Feb for it to be his baby!! Can someone please help me out so I can help her save her Marriage I don't want to see my best friend loose her husband just because he think that the baby should be Due in Feb...She would never Cheat on her husband and she is trying to tell him that she got pregnant in May when they did have sex.. I am thinking that she got Pregnant May 6...Just don't want to see her upset and worry about loose her Husband!​

    Well... as long as she did not cheat on her husband then there should be no reason to doubt her days. The doctor just estimates on a due date based on her late period, the dates she gave him, and the size of the baby. So it is very possible that she might be due a little later than expected.
      Thank you I will let her know..she can explain this better to him now.thank you this will really help her out now :)
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