Can shortsightedness be cured permanently?

My son is 10 years old. He always complains about a frequent headache. He sits too close to the television. I often warn him not to sit too close to the television as it might harm his eyes. I have noticed that he holds his book very close to his eyes while reading. Yesterday, he complained again about a headache. He told me that he finds it difficult to read what is written on the blackboard. I felt sorry for him. I took him to the general practitioner. After the checkup, the doctor told that my son has got shortsightedness. The doctor suggested taking him to an opthamologist in Honolulu ( ). I am planning to take him there tomorrow. Can shortsightedness be cured permanently? How is shortsightedness treated in children? Please do share your views and suggestions. Any advice is also highly appreciated.

    4Annie Shields
    ok so it's not shortsightedness....there is near-sided(meaning you can't see far away, far-sided(meaning you can't see close up) and astigmatism(meaning your eyesight is blurry). Astigmatism can occur in both eyes or just one. The only way to permanently treat any of these conditions is laser eye surgery. Or your child can wear glasses/contacts. I don't know of too many people who are both near and far sided though so him having to have book real close to his face while reading PLUS not being able to see the blackboard makes me think his is astigmatism.

    Hope this helps and this wasnt just spam.
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