I have a question for moms please i need advice on this issue.

Okay so me and my x husband split up over 5 years now and my kids are getting older we have split custody of them. which we rotate every week on Monday. I haven't seen my kids in over a month now not for Christmas it cause there cousins were in town x husband family., Just found out by hearing my daughter saying on a 3 way with her ( without her knowing that she doesn't wanna come home. Yes it broke my heart well here s my situation please don't hate or be mean just positive advice please. Just want your help so my kids are teenagers now and I am thinking of giving him full custody i am thinking they really are better off (I mean not me completely out of the pic but just some days or night) with him I am always depressed and hurt all the time. I would like to move far way another state. But should i do this. I am always a good mom i love my kids to death its just don't get how much pain i have and this whole month i have been very depressed and down on my self. Couldn't get out of bed just go to work and come home. as much i believe my EX has offered me Without me telling him too cause id never consider it. No my kids are for sell its not like that he just wants me to sing papers and knows am struggling with money and bills. i am really in debt with bills to pay me 5 grand to sign papers ?? It to help me out now i dont want this to sound like am willing to do this cause my 2 kids are my world and life its just cant take how i feel every other week and it hurts a lot. So please help thanks.

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wanting to have a baby with my finance please help i have two beautiful kids with my x,