My Daughter "dresses" herself now... Yikes...

For the most part she does great.. We have simple clothes, pants, colored tshirts... very little brightness or bling.. But sometimes the outfits she puts together are just AWFUL... and she's at that age where I gotta let her be and express herself... no matter what... She did two side pony tails the other morning.. they were uneven and messy and I asked her nicely if she would like me to help her and she said no...

There's a fine line.. I don't want her to leave the house looking silly where someone might make fun of her (not for me.. I don't care... but kids can be mean), but if I try to change something I don't want her to feel I'm judging her or insinuating she's not cute or anything.. This girl stuff is hard.. LOL..

Here's a post I forgot that I wrote about it a while back on a day when she particularly had it.. well.. really wrong.. ​…

    8Theresa Gould
    Too funny. And your son's comment at the end was icing on the cake! lol! I remember cringing sometimes at the outfits a couple of my girls came up with but let it go. The one has very good fashion and style now and the other, let's just say she's finding her own personal style....or should I say she's found it.
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