I need perfect caring during pregnancy

Hi, I am 3 months pregnant. My husband was very caring and he used to find time for me during his busy schedule. He was knowing that, this was the most important time when he should be with me. So he gave priority to me and I was very happy because of him. But from few days he is not finding time for me. He used to come home early, but he sits in front of his laptop and spends his day. Initially, I thought that he was busy with his work. Later when I just peeped into his laptop, I found that he was gambling. I didn't say anything I thought he will be stopping it. But the scenario changed. His attitude towards me changed. He started behaving aggressive towards me, even for small issues. When I asked him about it he shouted at me. But I was able to calm him and get an answer from him. He was addicted to gambling and he has lost almost all his earnings. This was chasing him. Now he is unable to stop gambling. When I discussed this with my friend, she suggested gambling addiction treatment program from a clinic in Edmonton (http://www.canadadrugrehab.ca/gambling-sex-eating…). Will this treatment helps? Is there any other technique that he can try at home to get out from the addiction? Please help me out.

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