Daughter is suffering from Multiple Sclerosis

Hi, my daughter is suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. Initially, she had difficulties in walking and had occasional numbness in her legs. The same symptoms of Parkinson's were shown by her and she was treated for the same. But later no results were shown and hence the doctor asked for an MRI and lumbar puncture. After the examinations, he concluded that she is suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. The doctor prescribed a medicine called Avonex. But after having this tablet she is tired and is not able to speak. So I contacted our family doctor again and he told the truth that this disease can not be cured, instead, we can only control the symptoms. He added that it is better to move to a neurological rehabilitation center in North York ( http://www.teamtheraputix.ca/our_services/neurolo… ). Where she can get better living style and help her manage her daily activities. I planning to take her there. Will that really help? Are there any other things that I can try? Please help me out. I think this is the worst situation in my life.

    Hi! I am a huge fan of natural cures and not of our current medical practices. Personally I have no experience with MS, but I would not take the diagnosis lying down. First I would get a second opinion. After that, I would look into a more holistic approach. I have been following Dr Steven Gundrys Plant Paradox diet. He is a cardiologist and preaches health through diet. While this is not his specialty, he may know a doctor who can help.
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