Hi, I’m considering botox cosmetic treatment from Toronto ( )for the next week. My friend Melissa had undergone the treatment and got good results. I met her last week and she shared her experience with me. She took the botox cosmetic treatment before her wedding. She used to wear glasses every single day, but she wanted to go without it on her wedding day. She tried contact lenses and noticed a squint line between her eyebrows which was normally disguised by her glasses. She underwent the procedure most closely to her wedding day.She told me that she had it in two areas one on her forehead and other between her eyebrows. She told me that some of her injections were painful but others were quite bearable. She was very happy with the results. I was shocked to see her on her wedding day. I need it to be done soon. But yesterday evening when I flicked a magazine I read about a chronic migraine which would be the common side effect of the botox cosmetic treatment. Is this is a common side effect? What is your opinion? Kindly share it.

    I've heard about Botox. It seems pretty popular, but for me, no thanks. Botox is actually a toxin. It is botulinum toxin. Supposedly, it puffs up the skin, which seems to reduce wrinkles. But what are the side effects of injecting a toxin into the body? This hasn't been studied, as far as I can tell. Personally, I think the potential long-term effects greatly outweigh the immediate youthful look you'll find. Many other products on the market can help and with no side effects. Look at a health food store for something natural. You may be surprised at what you find!
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