My story of being a man inside and woman outside

Hi, I would like to share my story of being a man inside and a girl at the outward appearance. I was treated like a boy at home and was getting attracted to girls and was having all mischief behaviours of a boy. When I turned to my teenage. I had a strong desire to become a full man both inside and outside. I started my research and collected some details regarding the surgery. And last month I met my old friend and we were together on the train. I shared about my life and my problems with her. Also, I shared my feelings with her. I was shocked to see her reaction. She told me that she is interested in marrying me. But the problem is with my appearance. She inspired me for undergoing the FTM top surgery ( ). I have heard about two types of procedures one is double incision mastectomy and the other is keyhole incision. Which one should I choose? kindly share your ideas and please pray for me.

    3 days ago
    something that leaves a smaller scar
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