Can anyone share some tips to wean my child off the bottle?

My daughter falls asleep with her milk bottle. She is 1.5 years old. She cries and wakes from her sleep when I try to take away her bottle. Few weeks before I read an article related to dangers of bottle-feeding in bed. The article stated that babies who fall asleep while bottle-feeding are at great risk of choking, tooth decay and ear infections. After reading the article I really wanted to stop her habit of bottle feeding while sleeping. I tried many ways to stop it but all was in vain. Yesterday night she woke up from her sleeping crying. I was worried about what had happened to her. My husband noticed a cavity in her front teeth. I somehow made her sleep that night. We took an appointment with a dental clinic in Kitchener for tomorrow. This is her first dental visit ( ) and I don't know how she reacts to this. Is there anyone here who had a similar situation with your child? What did you do? Can anyone share some tips to wean my child off the bottle? Please share your insights!

    Give them the bottle a little less each day see how long they can do without it. Don't give it to them until they are upset about it each day. I believe after they realize they can do without it, they won't want it anymore. I took mine from my daughter around about 11 months. I threw it in the trash in front of her she got it back out I rinsed it off and let her have it. A few days later maybe three days later she threw it away in front of me.
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      start switching to a sippy cup or cup with a straw.
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