Long Distance parenting

Any moms on here a long distance parent? June 2014 the courts decided that my $17/hr job was not giving me "proper parenting time". I was not on welfare, kids living with me(yes at my family's house one of them being a teacher), I was still paying child support, paid for medical insurance on me and my girls and spent anytime (outside of working and them being at their dad's) with my kids. The courts allowed my ex husband to move to Alabama with my girls. August of that year I went to AL to see them and that was the last time. Due to things in my life, some self brought on and some I had no control over is why I haven't seen them, made me financially unable. I have been miserable for the passed few years and fell like I'm not a mom anymore. I talk to them as much as possible, I have joint custody and can see them whenever. My ex and I are not friends but we are civil for kids sake and for most part he keeps me updated on anything about the kids.

    13 hours ago
    I wish you could see them more :(
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