Dealing with panic anxiety

My kid was too much fond of horror movies. I scolded him not to watch such movies, but he didn't obey me. Once he saw such a movie and got scared with the scenes. After this incident, he became more scary towards certain occasions and things. During night time, he wants me to be with him, then only he can sleep. A kind of fear is leading him. I told him to pray well. But he can't concentrate on anything. He can't stay alone in a room. If he wants to do so, his heartbeat automatically gets increase and his body temperature changes. Along with this, his breathing rate will also tremendously increase. Then it takes a long time to recover from that state. I am really worried about his condition. I am concerned whether this will affect his future. So we are planning to consult a registered clinical psychologist in Toronto( ). One of my friends suggested me this clinic. I have searched about this. I came to know that it is related to panic anxiety. Is this disorder completely treatable? Will this disorder affect his future?

    15 hours ago
    I still have panic anxiety. if he is young enough you can teach him out of the fear. watch something gently scary and when anything scary happens laugh. teach him that its fake and that he will be okay. he is a strong brave boy
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