Suffering from Postpartum depression - Need help!

Hey! I am here to seek guidance. I just had a baby. She is my first baby. After her birth, I feel so down and depressed. I feel extremely sad and hopeless. And I cry all the day long for no reason. I don't know what is happening to me. I have a hard time bonding with my baby. I lost interest in things that I used to enjoy before. My husband is very disappointed with my behavior. Sometimes I feel like avoiding him also. Has anyone had a similar experience? What did you do? My husband is a loving and caring person and he takes care of the baby. I feel so sorry for him. I need to escape from this disorder. Also, I want to love and care my baby. Seeing my condition, my friend suggested undergoing somatic experiencing from Toronto (… ). I am planning to undergo the treatment. Does somatic experiencing work? How is it performed? Is it worth spending money? Please share your views and suggestions. Thanking you in advance.

    3 days ago
    Let me first commend you and encourage. You have grown and birthed a whole human being. And that in itself can be traumatic. I am a therapist and want to ask have you been diagnosed with post partum? I only ask because sometimes we can give power to things in words and they manifest greater. I’m not denying what you are growing through as a mom. I know how it is. Your child is the only one in this world that knows what your heart beat sounds like from inside so you will bond with your child. Don’t let anyone shame you or don’t take on more guilt than you have to. Also consider the stabilizing of your hormones this early after having a baby. Have you spoken to your obgyn about this? My guess is you will be having a 6 week follow. Please share what you are feeling and be very transparent. That why we pay so much to doctors don’t feel any kind of way about talking about it. Your doctor has seen all your “private parts “ and everything thing in between so I encourage you to talk to them about it. I am not familiar with the treatment you asked about. But if it is a Cognitive approach I know it can be helpful. I encourage you to give yourself time and be patient with your self. You have done a thing that is miraculous in itself having a baby. You can do it but know that you have to take care of yourself or you are no good to anyone including you. You can do this.
      2 days ago
      Hi I had pospoturm depression also . I also lost interest of everything and I cry everyday .knowing that this was my first baby I should had been happy but I got scared and sad . This is a chemical in your brain that you can’t control . I ask my doctor for help . I started to see a therapist that it really helps . Reach out and get help as soon as podible . You not alone lots of women get this stay positive . Take care of your self go out get fresh air do your nails . Go for coffee with a friend . Your baby keep him oh her safe . If you feel like doing anything to the baby please get help oh tell your husband ASAP . I got help and it works . Is been two years and I’m still going to a therapist . Reach out to your friends and family they could help you . Love your baby . I know is hard now but it will get better . I know I been there and still trying to get my life back . Sometimes you feel alone but even with my loving husband he is so nice to me and supported to me . Good luck reach out and get help as soon as possible .
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