My Friend's daughter is obsessed with the boy 'stuff"...

She's 9 and has sisters.. We were at the museum and there was statue of Cupid and Cupid's privates were obvious... You know like a statue can be.. naked.. and she would not stop staring at it.. and pointing and laughing and MY daughter was like, WHAT? What's so funny?

Later as we were getting in the car, by daughter threw her backpack in ahead of her and clocked her brother in the crotch.. He went down.. It wasn't too hard that he cried, but he's 9 and did the 'Ahhh" and leaned over and took a minute.. My daughter said sorry and we moved on but my friends daughter kept asking questions, 'Why does it hurt there, what hurts? Why are you holding your privates" and on and on... My son was getting uncomfortable so I changed the subject and played music really loudly and I was wondering what her deal was..

THEN it occurred to me.. She has NO IDEA what is down there... and that's gotta make you wonder you know?? My daughter has her brother and his seen his privates a billion times in passing... no big deal.. she's never really taken time out to look.. they grew up 2 years apart.. they used to take a bath together when they were little, they still change on the same room, see each other on the potty, etc.. it's just what it is.. BUT for my friends daughter at nine, she now KNOWS something different is down there.. But what?

Maybe her mom has told her or explained, but even then.. to picture it out of pure curiosity but have nothing to base it on.. that's gotta be interesting to a kid you know? I mean,.. Anytime we have friends over to swim, we ar down stairs at the pool and every single one of them is DYING to come upstairs and "see" our home.. kids love to see how other kids live.. out of curiosity.. So, I realized.. she's just curious.. and it's normal and MY kids don't go through it because they haven't had to..​

So, what do you do? As a mom with a curious child? I mean it's such an awkward and sensitive topic.. Do you quench the wonderment with a science based book? Draw a picture?

This is something that I never even thought about, but I would imagine if I had a house full of girls and they KNEW something was different with boys, either by asking or just knowing.. they should know right? Or see?

Thoughts? Experiences?

    8Theresa Gould
    Yeah, I wouldn't be comfortable discussing something like this with someone else's child and agree with Mara about talking to you friend about it.

    My mom really didn't talk to us about it either. She gave me "the book(s)" and that was it. The rest I learned as Leah did and in a book a friend gave me when I got engaged that my husband and I looked through together.
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