Drama lol ..this was my facebook status this morning after going out of my way to help someone

​Sometimes i wonder when it will ever end.... so ready to just say i am never leaving y house again ... and just over everything ...Some people need to learn to respect others and not cause Drama that isn't even true .... OH Gotta Love Life in Small Towns ... one reason I never wanted to live in a small town again .. If you don't know someone don't believe everything you hear why not just as the person them self if it's true good lord we all still in High school I have Nothing to Hide .... you ask me a question i will answer truthfully if you believe it awesome but sometimes the truth is too real u don't want to believe it ... so stop spreading rumors and gossip that isn't true ... I am So done going out of my way to help others with certain things ...

    Eeeek.. don't give up on people in general though.. there are GOOD people out there. I moved away from my small town.. and agree, when we go back to visit, it's very gossipy and click like.. we don't ever feel welcomed actually.. sometimes people need a life or more to do with their time... regardless of where they live! I also think social media can be a suck and waste for some people.. I always want to write on FB what people think FB is to THEM.. I cannot stand people using it as a daily journal, pessimistic place, etc... wish they would do something MORE!
      I agree. Sadly and Honestly I've learned there's very few people you can actually trust in your life.
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