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      Kat Mahoney
      I don't know, it depends on what people these days consider obese. The BMI factor is just a relative guide to help you, it isn't really an acurate study. Women back in the 1900s were much larger and the neaderthal women were large because they didnot hunt or gather, that was a man's job, and the women were made as such to adhere to the environment, keeping them and babies warm as well as storing fat to help with the lack of food. We only consider people obese these days because of the media and what we perceive as fat. I was very very skinny before I had kids, and then I filled out, even gained a breast size after the three kids, now I am considered more attractive to some men and women. My mother never sat in front of a computer either, she still doesn't, but she is considered obese because of diabetes from her pregnancies. I know we have to watch ourselves, but not for other's or because of statistics, but for ourselves. Even skinny women can have heart attacks or cancer. I think its these statistics that make us moms become more depressed in our lives because we try too hard to keep society happy rather than ourselves.
        I put on about 60 pounds with my first and whenever I dropped something and had to squat to pick it up, I had to hold onto something. That extra weight was a lot and when I see larger size women that are pregnant, all I can think of is "ouch"... They must be so uncomfortable. Being pregnant can be hard enough.. I feel badly for a friend of mine who is about 100 pounds heavier and pregnant, she's out of breath a lot and walking up stairs to my place is a total drag for her. She looks like she's in pain. Thats' what I think of.. is how uncomfortable they must be.
        My 60 pounds was heavy.. and just getting out of the car was a process and painful at times.. That's what I think of.
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