The big Santa Secret Revealed to my 9 year old.. Well, sort of...

My son is 9.. We are huge Santa believers... I've often wondered about having to tell them the truth one day and I've dreaded it.. I've only viewed the whole Santa thing as something fun and fantasy like to do with my kids.. I knew that one day the curtain would be pulled aside and I'd have to tell my kids..

That day is here.. Well, sort of...

My son is 9. He's smart and I've fielded questions nicely for the last 2 years to keep the mystery alive. This year however.. he's on to me. He's on to it ALL.. The specifics.. the chimney, the key on the door, the flying reindeer, the north pole.. his various questions to me are just a way of disguising what he really wants to say is "I don't buy this crap anymore".

But instead of totally unveiling the truth to him and risking that Christmas feeling to be lessened, I told him this..

I said, the big secret is this.. that at one point the parents Do it.. once a child stops believing.. truly believing, the parents then take over and continue the magic and that's actually how Santa can get to every child in the world, is with parents help.

I told him that no matter what he believes or what actually IS... That Santa will ALWAYS make an appearance in our home. that when he's 18, Santa will still come and that it's okay if the story of Santa doesn't exist, because what Santa represents will never go away.

Phew. So, I only have really copped to the truth isn... I wanted him to know that no matter what actually is.. fantasy or reality that it doesn't matter in our home. It's about being together and being silly and fun and happy and joyful and keeping the magic ALIVE!!!!​

    8Theresa Gould
    I like how you worded it. I think you handled it well.
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