Public Breastfeeding

​Model Gisele posts a picture of herself breastfeeding amongst her glam squad and it's getting a lot of attention. I think it's a little crazy how out of sorts people get over public breastfeeding, your feeding your baby not putting on a show so what are people so upset about? A girl can flash everybody at a concert and that's totally fine, but a supermodel posts a picture of herself doing something most mothers do and its front page news.

    I breastfed in public too all the time, I would make sure I was covered and Jocelyn was covered as well because it's no one's business to be watching you feed your child. The only time I didn't breastfed in public was when Travis had a fire meeting and I went with. I would sit in the captain's office and breastfed her in the comfort that no one was going to be walking in and out of the office. It's a shame that people are bashing mother's for breastfeeding in public. Maybe they should stop judging and just let new mom's do what they want.
      8Theresa Gould
      I saw this too and agree.
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