My little girl is "tougher" than her older brother...

Maybe it's because she's the second (third really if you count my stepson for 7 years) and she's just... tougher... Maybe it's because i couldn't run to her the second she whined or needed something and was often found to get things for herself rather than wait her turn.. Or maybe it just comes down to disposition..

My son is tough, but my daughter as far as physically is two years younger and is at his level if not higher in regards to running, jumping, swimming, etc.. She took to climbing easier and faster than he did.. She was more daring.. and will ask if she can have a snack and then get it for herself, while my son.. my boy will wait for days just so he doesn't have to get it..

Even though my son is older, I still tend to worry about him more.. My daughter is more independent.. will find her way and make friends fast.. my son is more quiet and laid back...

Both are tough as nails emotionally and have a great sense of humor about themselves...

Maybe it's boy/girl.. I read that girls are more coordinated before boys are.. or maybe it's just who they are.. either way.. I wouldn't swap it or change it for anything.. ​

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    8Theresa Gould
    Interesting, but I guess when I think about it in certain things our girls have advanced faster than our boys and it is normal. I think we'll always worry a little about each of our children, that's just what moms do.
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